⚡️ Dynamic dot phrases


Save time by using dot phrases to auto-document any physical exams or checks that you regularly perform.

Dot phrases can be triggered verbally during the encounter, or manually after the note has been generated.

How to use

Before the encounter

Add your personal dot phrases by going to Settings → Dot phrases → New dot phrase.

  • Add a title for easy retrieval

  • Add an verbal trigger that can be said aloud during an encounter.
    Note that Nabla will only detect the exact trigger for now.

  • Click on Automatically update dot phrase content if you want a dynamic dot phrases

  • Add the associated content you want to insert in the note when using this dot phrase

During the encounter

  • Do your visit as usual.

  • If you want to trigger a dot phrase, say the exact words that you wrote at the previous step, such as "you have a normal cardiovascular exam".

  • If you enable the "Automatically update dot phrase content", the extra details you say after triggering the verbal dot phrase will also be included. So if you say “your cardiovascular examination is normal except you have a grade 2 heart murmur”, this extra information will be included in the inserted text.

After the encounter

  • Generate the note

  • If during the visit you mentioned the exact trigger of a given dot phrase, you will see a suggestion to add this dot phrase's content in your note.

  • The content will be automatically updated based on what was mentioned during the encounter.

    For example, if you configured a “normal heart exam” dot phrase to insert “CV: RRR; no murmurs, rubs or gallops.”, and during your encounter you say “normal heart exam, but slight murmur detected”, Nabla will insert “CV: RRR; slight murmur detected, no rubs or gallops.” in your note.

  • You can also manually insert a dot phrase by clicking on the lightning icon (⚡) next to the section title, and choosing the dot phrase you want to add.