The encounter language is the language spoken during the visit. You can use a different encounter language if both you and your patient speak it. If you use an interpreter, you can simply select the language in which you will communicate with the interpreter, typically English. Nabla supports encounters in the following languages:

  • English (UK, US)

  • French

  • Spanish

We also launched in Beta these languages: Arabic (EG), Arabic (LB), Arabic (MA), Arabic (SA), Armenian (AM), Bengali (IN), Cantonese (CN), Croatian (HR), Filipino (PH), German (DE), Greek (GR), Gujarati (IN), Hebrew (IL), Hindi (IN), Italian (IT), Japanese (JP), Khmer (KH), Korean (KR), Mandarin (CN), Persian (IR), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Punjabi (IN), Russian (RU), Serbian (RS), Spanish (Spain), Tamil (IN), Telugu (IN), Thai (TH), Urdu (IN) and Vietnamese (VN)

Changing the encounter language

To update the encounter language, go to Settings > General > Encounter language

Showing the language selector on the "New encounter" screen

You can check the "Show the language selector for each new encounter" checkbox in Settings > General > Encounter language to show the encounter language selector on the "New encounter" screen, allowing you to quickly update the encounter language before you start the visit.