• The microphone of your computer or phone should be enough

  • To ensure your microphone is working properly, there is a sound indicator on the "New consultation" screen, as well as in the Settings.


  • Don’t hesitate to play with templates at the beginning of your experience with Nabla Copilot to find the one that best suits you. To do that go to the note settings and change the template. You can do this before the consultation starts or after a note has already been generated, you’ll see a “refresh with new template” button

During the consultation

  • Verbalizing your consultation helps Nabla Copilot: during a physical exam, instead of saying “is it tender here?”, try instead “is your left shoulder tender here?”

After the consultation

  • If you think the note is really off and that some important details are missing, you can try to regenerate the note by clicking on the “regenerate note” button in the note tab, it often solves the issue. If not don’t hesitate to send us a feedback.