Get answers to the most frequently asked questions
How to change the note template?
Check out our "Note template" article to learn how to use a different note template for your notes.
How to change the style of sections in my notes?
Check out our "Sections style" article to learn how to change the style of the sections in a note.
Which medical specialties does Copilot support?
Nabla Copilot supports the following specialties : Addiction medicine Pain medicine Allergy Anesthesiology Behavioral health Cardiology Chiropractic ...
What happens to patient data?
Nabla does not store any patient data: everything remains within your web browser. In order to generate our notes, we de-identify all protected health...
I want to try a different specialty template on a generated note.
You can modify the template settings after a note has been generated with a given template. To learn more, check out the "Note template" article . T...
Can notes be automatically synced into EHRs?
The notes generated by Copilot can be copied and pasted into any EHR. We are currently working on integration with some EHRs. Let us know which EHR ...
How to retrieve my note after a consultation?
In Copilot, there's a dedicated past consultations section that keeps track of the most recent 40 notes. They are locally stored on your device. The p...
What languages does Copilot support?
Nabla Copilot supports consultations in the the following languages: English (US) English (UK) French Spanish (with the generated note in English)
How does Copilot work?
Nabla Copilot captures the audio from your microphone and transcribes it live using a HIPAA-compliant speech-to-text system. Nabla Copilot then genera...
How to use/sync Copilot on multiple devices?
Consultations sharing across devices is supported through our  Notes sharing feature.
How long can consultations be?
You can use Copilot for visits up to 3 hours long .
Is it possible to have a customized template with Copilot?
At the moment, it is not possible to customize a specific template for each clinician.