📁 Patient context


Patient context allows you to add a brief context about the patient and the encounter, to generate a great note.

  1. Before starting a new encounter, click on the “ + Add” button to add context about the patient

  2. Paste, type in, or dictate contextual information about your patient

    You can include

    • the patient’s name

    • their age

    • their gender

    • their medical history

    • the object of the encounter

      Other useful information could include current treatment, ongoing conditions, allergies, and social history or a very short summary of a previous encounter.


  • You don’t need to be verbose, you can just list the key items

  • You can add context to your encounters in advance. Information you type in Patient Context will be saved if you start a new encounter

  • We recommend you don’t include too many details to avoid the information getting diluted


An example of content you can include could look like :

“Today I’m seeing Greg, a 44 years old male for a diabetes consultation follow-up. He was recommended by XXX for YYY. Today’s goal is to assess whether patient needs ZZZ”