🪄 Magic edit


Regenerate a note with specific instructions to customize and have more control over the content and structure of your clinical notes.

How to use

  • To get started with Magic Edit, after your note has been generated:

    • On the Copilot desktop web app: click on the 🪄 icon in the note toolbar

    • On mobile, click on the chevron menu next to the button ‘Copy note’ and select ‘Magic Edit’.

    • On the chrome extension, click on the 🪄 toolbar at the bottom right.

  • Click on the suggested instructions or/and add your custom instructions. For example:

    • Click on Use "she/her"”

    • Write "and add more details to the Objective section"

  • After adding your instructions, click on the "Regenerate" button. Copilot will process your request and apply the specified changes to your note.

ℹ️ Note: if you always want to apply the same instructions to your note, check out 📝 Template custom instructions, which will allow you to automatically apply them all the time.