Using Nabla Copilot

Starting a new consultation

  • Right before your patient visits, open Copilot in your web browser:

  • “Test your microphone” allows you to check that your microphone is on!

  • Click on “Start consultation” and the transcript will begin. You can switch between the “Transcript” and “Note” tabs during your visit, this will not interfere with Copilot.

Transcript of conversation

  • During the visit, Copilot will transcript your conversation with the patient.

  • Be aware that although the transcript might contain spelling errors, Copilot will correct them for your clinical note.

Note generation

  • Once your visit is over, click on “Finish and generate note” to trigger the generation of the clinical note.

  • The note generation takes between 10 seconds to 1 minute

The generated clinical note

Once your note is generated, there are several actions you can do:

  • Add/delete text in any section of the note

  • Dictate text in any section by clicking on the microphone icon

  • Add text in the “Free text” section of the note

  • Add a dot phrase by clicking on the Lightning icon. To learn more about dot phrases, check out the "dot phrases" article :

    • Pre-fill dot phrases in Copilot's note settings to use them once the note is generated.

  • Hide the detail of a section by clicking on the eye icon

    • Option to remember hidden sections for all consultations in the note settings

  • Copy the entire note in order to paste it in your EHR by clicking on the “Copy note” button.

  • Copy only specific sections of the notes by clicking on the copy icon

  • By clicking on the “Copy note” button’s chevron, you can:

    • Generate a patient friendly note

    • Generate a referral letter

Once your note is generated you can also :

New consultation during generation

You can start a new consultation at any time: when you’re done with your current consultation, or even if the note of your current consultation is being generated.

To start a new consultation,  click on the following button, on the top right of your screen.

Previous consultations will appear in the « Past consultations » page.